About Us

Malaysia’s Fruit Juice Manufacturer

To quench the thirsts of our clients and their customers, this is our goal. With our fruit juices, we serve and satisfy all who takes a sip of our beverages at a fresh and favorable price.


Due to world events we’ve continued to maintain our level of cleanliness and sterilization to reassure our customers.



Shown below, Profresh over the years has achieved and surpassed the standard that is required for a business to obtain and qualify for these certifications.

Special Events

With appropriate notice, we would love to cater to your needs with the quality that would meet the standard of your event. Our quality driven fruit processing capacity yields a wide variety of both single strength, concentrated semi-finished juices and no-sugar added such as oranges, apples, mangoes, lime, lemon, kiwi, starfruits and other popular fruits.


No matter which state you or your business is located in, we will be able to deliver and cater to your request!


HACCP – HACCP plan and operational pre requisite programmes have been established and implemented. All Hazards within the scope of the system have been identified, assessed and controlled so that products manufactured within our premises are safe for consumption.

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System (FSM) – As of January 2010, our company in perpetual quests for improvement, has been ISO certified. FSM system compliance, food safety, workplace, health and safety. Good Manufacturing Practices are strictly adhered to all times and by all personnel.

Halal Certification – All our ingredients and finished products are certified Halal by JAKIM, the only body empowered by the Government of Malaysia to issue such certificates.

Our Practices

Practices of ISO Management

  • Ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and good quality.. 
  • Ensure the organization’s information is secure with standards
  • Help the organization to operate in a socially responsible way with the standards.
  • Energy savings and help make the organization more efficient with standard.
  • The products and services meet customers’ need with the standard.
  • The environmental performance that follow the standard.
  • Ensuring the working environment is safe and reduce from risk.

Practice of Traceability System

  • Raw materials received are record by its date of production, expiry dates and first-in-first-out are practiced.
  • To record and document raw materials prior to production, processing and distribution. 
  • Products are printed with batch numbers and expiry dates. 
  • Products returned are investigated and tasted on its quality and texture.
  • Products are verified on the date of production and its batch numbers.  

Practice the Food Safety Management

  • Control of food handling of the receipt, storing, processing, displaying packaging, and transporting of products.
  • Consistent training are conducted to Supervisors and staff to acquire skills and knowledge in food handling in terms of cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance of the food premises and equipment.
  • Ensure the production of food are safe for consume i.e. practicing food hygiene and sanitation. 
  • Apart from processed products, filter water are sent for external laboratory for microbiological and chemical testing according to Food Act. 
  • Quality of the products are ascertained by its Ph and Brix such as 3 and 9, respectively.